Meyer Manufacturing | Dorchester, Wisconsin

PRODUCTS - Steel Bunk Feeder & Bale Hauler

Now... It's a Bunk Feeder

Now... It's a Bale Hauler


  • Unique, adjustable cable system prevents waste and feeds more cattle per running foot than slant bar systems.
  • Easy to clean (Open feeding pan).
  • Front hitch extends into the feeder pan for additional strength.
  • Galvanized metal inside wall package for longer life. (no wood to rot or break)
  • Metal insert can be removed for baled hay feeding.
  • Hauls large round bales and square bales.

Available as:

  • 20 ft Single Axle
  • 24 ft Single Axle
  • 24 ft Tandem Axle
  • 30 ft Tandem Axle

Feeds all types of dry hay, round or square bales, chopped green
feed, haylage, silage or ground feed. Hauls both round & big square bales!

Open feed manger is very easy
to clean and feeds more cattle
per running foot

Hauler has 4"x4" steel tubing that can be
moved to fit your desired bale size

What's Underneath...

Heavy duty front hitch with bridge rear axle.