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Meyer Poultry Litter Spreaders

Meyer Poultry Litter Spreaders
Model # 7500 / SXI720 / SXI865 / Crop Max

Meyer offer a wide variety of spreaders to make the best use of your litter product.  Our auger and apron systems are designed to avoid the downfalls of narrow apron, dry litter machines.   Meyer litter spreaders resist bridging in wet, caked or stockpiled litter.   We have provisions in place for auger and apron speed adjustments to match your application requirements!  Best of all you can dual-purpose this spreader since it is capable of hauling other manure and biosolid products as well.  Basic scale systems are optional - mapping, record keeping and variable rate options are also available.  Check out a versitile Meyer Litter Spreader today.
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Product Brochure
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V-Force, SXI Industrial, Crop Max
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Meyer SXI Industrial / V-Force Models
These Auger Unload unload machines utilize rear discharge to provide superior performance compared to side discharge models.
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Crop Max Series
Generally Meyer recommends our S100 Combination attachment for litter spreading.   Hydraulic variable apron speed is standard with spread width capabilities up to 65'.  
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3 Auger System
This patented system provides a consistent charge of material to the door while top auger runs forward to eliminate bridging - even in wet material!  (SXI Industrial and V-Force Models)
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Discharge Rates
Rates can be adjusted using or interchangable sprocket system on direct drive models or hydraulic variable auger speed if equipped (SXI only).
(SXI Industrial & V-Force models)
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Variable Speed Triple Apron Standard
Meyer Crop Max Spreaders feature a variable speed arpron and standard reverse feature.   Provides infinite adjustment and variable rate capability!
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