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Meyer Truck Mount Spreaders

Meyer Truck Mount Spreaders
Model # 9500 Crop Max / SXI Industrial

All Meyer Spreaders are available in a truck mount version.   Transport your manure, litter or biosolids safely and conveniently with one of our truck mount options.  Hydraulic lid packages are optional on V-Type spreaders for full containment.  Truck requirements vary by model, spreader capacity, material hauled and drive system selected.  Consult each model for details on the product.   Meyer offers factory installation if you desire.
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Product Brochures - see pull type versions of desired model: Crop Max & Industrial SXI Models
See pull type version of desired spreader model to view or print product brochure.
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Double Angle Gearbox Drive Package
This compact arrangement provides efficient transfer of power from your truck PTO to your Meyer Spreader.  This system powers most Meyer  V-Type Spreaders and the Expeller System on Crop Max Spreaders.
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Variable Speed Apron Control
Meyer Crop Max Spreaders come standard with a hydraulic variable speed apron control right at your fingertips!
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Removable / Interchangable Spreading Attachments
All Crop Max models provide easy attachment removal for headland stacking, cleaning or inter-changing with another head.
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Robust Mounting System provides strength and flexibility!
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Scale packages available - all Models
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Truck Mount units provide a efficient alternative to haul longer distances in less time!
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Hydraulic Lid Package available for SXR500 Crossfire and SXI Series Industrial Models. RH or LH hinge / Port Hole Options too!
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Crop Max Versatility!
Crop Max Models can be multi-purposed by adding our 36" Silage Extension package or Grain Kit Option!
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Meyer Manufacturing Corporation is a leading producer of farm equipment including: manure spreaders, forage boxes, live floor ag boxes & semi-trailers, bunk feeders, delivery boxes, vertical TMR mixers, flat racks and Rocky mineral feeders.

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