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XT1600 Tandem Trailer / Oscillating Axles - 16 Ton

XT1600 Tandem Trailer / Oscillating Axles - 16 Ton
Model # XT1600

Meyer XT1600 Tandem Axle Trailer Chassis is the perfect match for a 14, 16, 18 and some 20' forage boxes along with other applications.
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Tubular hitch with adjustable clevis standard
The XT1600 features a 4x8 tubular hitch assembly with heavy square jack and adjustable clevis hitch system.
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HD Tube Frame
3x6 Tubular Frame structure of the XT1600 handles the load.   This unit is available in 2 different bed lengths to handle your application.
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Feederbox Application
XT1600 Tandem Trailers are commonly sold in combination with 14, 16 and 18' feederboxes but are available for other applications as well.
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Riser Package
Depending on tire size, a riser kit is available to achieve necessary tire clearance in some applications.   Generally tires larger than 14Lx16.1 will require a riser in a with any type of forage box or flat bed installed.
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Tire Options

Choose from 12.5Lx15, 14Lx16.1, 16.5Lx16.1, 19Lx16.1, 11Rx22.5 or 425/65x22.5 tire/rim packages.
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Tandem Axle System
XT1600 Tandem Axle System features 60/40 offset, HD pivot system, 3" spindles and 8 bolt-8,000# hubs!
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Scale Packages
5 point scale package is available for this tandem trailer (hitch weigh bar pictured).
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