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20 Ton Single Axle

20 Ton Single Axle
Model # DRX2004

Meyer Farm Wagons are premium grade.   These reliable gears trail straight thanks to a refined steering design and a Dual, C-Section reach system.   The DRX2004 model is redesigned for 2022, it is a HD single axle gear equipped for your high capacity application.   Tubular bolsters, trunion steering, 3.5" spindles and 10 bolt hubs are all standard equipment. 
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HD Tubular Bolsters
All Meyer wagons feature tubular bolster beams front and rear to carry the load, not formed channel like other brands!
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Robust Frame
Meyer wagons put iron where you need it.  This wagon has been designed and engineered for your toughest tasks.   It's been torture tested and field proven!
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DUAL C Shaped Reaches
The heart of the new DRX design is the DUAL REACH SYSTEM.  These dual reaches provide flexibility, strength and durability.   The problem with most single reach wagons is they loosen or fatigue over time causing poor long term performance in heavy applications,.
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DRX Precision Steering
Meyer DRX Wagons feature a completely new steering system providing ease of steering, a tighter turning radius and trailability that you have to see to believe!
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High Capacity Steering Components
Premium forward-bound steering provides tighter turning and excellent ground clearance.
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T-Type Trunion Steering
This T-Type steering design provides added strength and accuracy.  The vertical steering pin features tapered roller bearings (shown in cut-away) for ease of steering while eliminating stress on critical components.  All moving parts and tie rod pivots are greasable.
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HD Hubs & Spindles
No skimping here:  The DRX2004 features 3 1/2" straight spindles & 10 bolt hubs with a 15,000# rating!
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HD Adjustable Tongue
All Meyer wagons feature an adjustable tongue assembly to match your application.  The speed hitch arrangement makes for quick hook-ups.  Spring assit is a standard feature on all models.
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Stake Pocket System
This simple, modular stake pocket design provides easy installation of implements with 42" stringer spacing.   It also allows for quick installation of a riser package if extra tire clearnce is required for your application.
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Brake Package
2 or 4 wheel surge brake packages are avaialbe on the DRX2004 model
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