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Twin Screw - Large Family

Twin Screw - Large Family
Model # F815 / F1015 / F1215

The Meyer Formula Large-Frame Twin Screw Models range in size from 815 - 1,315 cubic feet.  These units feature precise baffle systems that provide fast transfer of feed front to back and rapid vertical movement which eliminates over-processing and excessive wear on your mixer.  Electric 2-speed shifting, heavy duty tubular chassis and a 4 point scale system are all standard.  A wide array of conveyor options for both front and side door models will handle almost any application.   Best of all, mix quality is unmatched - Meyer builds the Formula for your success!

F815 Model Twin @ 816 - 910 cubic feet
F1015 Model Twin @ 1,016 - 1,112 cubic feet
F1215 Model Twin @ 1,215 - 1,315 cubic feet
Meyer F815, F1015 & F1215 Vertical Twin
Formula by Meyer / Tutorial
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Standard / Plus / Commercial Versions
Meyer gives you the opportunity to choose the features that your operation demands depending on daily usage.
The F1015 model is available in a Standard or "Plus" version which has HD3200 planetaries and heat treated augers.   The F1015 "Commercial" has these features plus 30" stainless steel side liners and 1" floor.   The F1215 Model comes standard as a "Commercial" version!
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The Formula to a good ration starts with the basics. Precisely engineered tank walls, baffles and screws provide accuracy and consistency that you expect!
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Precisely Engineered Augers - propel your ration up the center of the auger and then down along the outside walls for fast processing while maximizing end-to-end movement between the 2 screws.
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Lead Edge Scraper is adjustable and replaceable, it is responsible for initiating efficient feed movement in the Formula Mixer (Heat treated - high carbon steel).
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Auger Discharge Kicker Arm (right side of graphic) provides an extra sweep with every revolution, allowing smoother feedout in less time!
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Unique 3 piece knife design saves you time and money! This system offers added strength, simple adjustability and reduced replacement costs. (tungsten carbinate coated knives)
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Perfect Match
Meyer offers a standard 2 blade knife for typical rations or an aggressive 3 section knife for rations with high volumes of long stem material.
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Step Baffle System
This unique Step Baffle System aids in front/rear feed movement, reduces horsepower requirements while eliminating overprocessing!   Made from High Carbon Steel to reduce wear!   NOTICE THE 4" STEP WHERE THE BAFFLE MEETS THE FLOOR.
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HD Direct In-Line Drive w/Torque Disconnect Clutch
Meyer Formula mid & large frame twin screw mixers feature a HD Direct In-Line Drive System on Trailed Versions.   This system is simple which eliminates unnecessary moving parts and is equipped with a torque disconnect clutch instead of annoying shear bolts for trouble free protection.  
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Fully Lubed Planetaries
Meyer Formula Planetaries are sized large to handle heavy loads!   These high quality planetaries are fully filled with oil so the upper bearings are bathed in oil - same as the lower.   This avoids the added maintenance of greasing the upper planetary bearings like many other brands.   Oil levels are monitored using these reserviors.
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In-Cab Electric 2-Speed Shifting
In-Cab Electric 2-Speed shifting standard.  Meyer Formula large family mixers operate at 27 RPM in Low Range & 40 RPM in High Range.   You can expect efficient mixing, reduced stress on your tractor PTO and faster cleanouts with this simple system!
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1000 RPM Drive
These large frame Formula Models feature an 1 3/8" CV 1000 RPM drive.   (CV PTO standard) (1 3/4" 20 spline is optional)
Independent planetary protection is standard via a simple torque disconnect clutch system. 
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HD Tubular Chassis Design
The F815, F1015 & F1215 Formula Models feature mixer bodies supported by a Heavy Duty Tubular Undercarriage and a 4 point weighing system.  Adjustable hitch is standard.   Hitch length is dependent on front conveyor or side door models. 
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In-Line Quad Axle
This simple In-Line Quad Axle design is standard.  It features 4 wheels in one plane to reduce tire scrub / wear.   Meyer utilizes common tires with a big footprint - 385/65x22.5 recap truck tires.   Oscillating Tandem package is available as an option.
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Tandem Oscillating Axle
This Tandem Axle option provides exceptional floatation and smooth ride.   Especially beneficial when road travel is required or you are feeding or loading in soft conditions.   (adds 3" to load height of mixer)
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Poly Lined Door Tracks
All Door Tracks are poly lined for reduced wear and stress.   They also eliminate freeze up issues and provide easy long term replacement!
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Hay Stops
Hay Stops are double acting and easily adjust for tuning when processing long stemmed material.  Most other hay stops only adjust 1 direction (top or bottom - Meyer does both).  2 Stops are standard equipment.
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Belt Capacity Extension
8" Belt Capacity Extension packages are available for all Formula Mixers.   They generally add about 10% to the mixer capacity (Optional).
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Hay Retention Ring
Meyer offers a optional hay retention package.   This package is useful when high volumes of long stem material are in your batch.  It keeps hay from boiling over the tank and maintains good contact between the bale and auger knives.
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Stainless Steel Liners & Heat Treated Augers
Stainless Steel Side & Baffle Liners are available for high use applications (30" or 60").   Meyer also offers Heat Treated Auger Flighting for extended auger life.  (30" Stainless Steel side liners and Heat Treater Auger Flighting is standard on the F1215 and F1015 "Plus & Commercial" version)
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Meyer offers a wide variety of scalehead options from Digi-Star and Avery Weightronics. Weigh bars and junction box come standard with all Formula mixers.
Meyer offers a wide variety of scalehead options from Digi-Star and Avery Weightronics.   Weigh bars and junction box arrangement are standard with all models.   Choose from base indicators, remote indicators, clickers, remote cab controlled, feed management options and more!
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Conveyor Gets Weighed!
All Formula models weigh product in the mixer tub and on the conveyor - unlike many brands that fail to weigh product that has exited the tank.
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Door Options
Formula Mixers offer a wide array of door options.   Choose from Front Door, Rear Door, RH Side Door, LH Side Door or RH/LH Side Door to match your particular needs.   Check out the size of these openings - big door opening combined with faster auger speed provide faster discharge and cleanout!
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Front Door Conveyor Option #1: Flat Front Belt Conveyor
This Flat Front Belt Conveyor provides smooth, quiet transfer of feed to the right or the left.   Includes a hydraulic shuttle feature that slides the conveyor right or left of center by 8"! (Chain Available)
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Front Door Conveyor Option #2: Belt Incline Conveyor
This versatile Front Belt Incline System allows you to unload out the incline side or flat side.   Silky smooth delivery in 24, 36, 48 & 60" lengths.   Mechanical stop stardard,   Electric splitter valve available to reduce hyd outlet requirements from 3 to 2. (Chain incline available)
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Side Door Option #1: 12
Simple 12" Belt Slide Chute works well to deflect feed beyond the mixer tire and it's simple - no moving parts!
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Side Door Option #2: Hydraulic Folding Slide Tray
This Hydraulic Folding Slide Tray with magnets operates at a steep angle for complete discharge!
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Side Door Option #3 - Belt Discharge Conveyor
This Side Door Belt Discharge Conveyor works great to reach into various bunk arrangements or just to move feeder further from the mixer (24" - 72").  This belt system eliminates feedback plus your cows won't even hear it running!  (Chain available)
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Front Viewing Platform (front door only)
Front Viewing Platform is available in lieu of the standard tank ladder on all front door equipped Formula Mixers.   This feature allows convenient access from the right or left side.
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Tank Magnet System
This "Super Strength Tank Magnet" hinges open from the outside of the mixer for easy upkeep and cleaning.  It's an investment that will pay you back many times over.   Other magnet options include - Door Frame Magnet (side door models), Slide Tray Magnet (side door models),  Belt Drape Magnet (front door models) and Deflector/Tip-Off Magnets (Front Door incline conveyor models).
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Powered Rotary Magnet System
This is the highest performing magnet available.   It works in conjunction with our front door/flat front belt conveyor.   Your ration tumbles through the rotary basket of rare earth magnets and has the best opportunity to collect tramp metal - Includes lower deflector tray.
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Kicker Arm Magnet
This exciting new magnet outperforms most all other choices and it's priced right.   This Rare Earth, round magnet mounts behind our standard kicker arm and collects tramp metal as it circulates through the ration.  It provides the perfect hiding spot for iron until you clean it off!  If you want a magnet that works at a reasonable price, BUY THIS ONE!
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