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Meyer "P Series" Dolly Wheel Bunk Feeder

Meyer "P Series" Dolly Wheel Bunk Feeder
Model # P240 Single Axle

Meyer "P Series" Dolly Wheel Bunk Feeders are currently available in one size - 24' Single Axle.   It features a unique adjustable cable system to prevent waste and feed more cattle per running foot.   This system also makes cleaning your feeder much easier!  As a bonus, the sides of all models fold down for conversion into a bale hauler.   You won't find a more effective, versatile feeder for the money!
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20' - 24' models available
The Meyer P Series Bunk Feeder is currently available in a 24' single axle version only - the P240 Model.
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Galvanized insert package
Galvanized insert packages are available for feeding chopped green feed, haylage, silage or ground feed.   They can be easily removed for feeding round or square baled hay.
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Adjustable Cable
The cable system is adjustable to match the livestock size.   It encourages animals to keep their head in the feeder and reduce waste.
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Easy Cleanout - Feeds More Cows too!!
This open concept design provides less injuries to animals as they are able to slide side to side as more animals enter the feeder.   You can feed more animals per running foot than slant bar designs too!   Clean out is much easier.
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Reinforced Rear Axle
This reinforced rear axle creates a "bridge" system for added strength (single axle in photo).   6 bolt hubs & wheels are featured.
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HD Tubular Hitch Assembly
Notice how the Hitch assembly extends well back into the V-Tank to create added strength to Meyer Feeders.   (all models)
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Telescoping Hitch
The hitch features a telescoping design for easy hookup.   Swings up and chains in storage position when feeding!
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TMR Feeder
The "Feeder Pan Only" option allows easy filling using your TMR mixer or delivery box.
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Bale Hauler
This patented system allows you the ability to remove the front and rear panel, fold the sides down and install cross bars (optional) for round and square bale hauling.   Now that's versatility!
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Dual Purpose
Multi-Purpose Feeder saves you $$$$$!
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Tire Packages
Our bunk feeder tire package includes 11Lx15 8 ply rib implement tires/tubes.   (rim only packages are also available)
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Slant Bar Packages
Meyer does offer removable slant bar packages in lieu of the cable system if desired.  
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