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10 Series RT FATBOY / Trailed Version

10 Series RT FATBOY / Trailed Version
Model # 1026RT / 1030RT / 1036RT

The Meyer "10 Series" RT Fatboy Rear Unload is a large capacity trailed unit for accomodating your biggest payloads.  26' tandem - 30' tridem - 36' quad versions all feature 9'7" inside width, you won't find a box that hauls more per running foot.  This big fella features a hydraulic dual geardrive apron drive design for fast, safe and efficient transportation and discharge of your crop.   Other standard features include poly floor, clad tuff side panels, high capacity aprons, hyd fold-front, marker/clearance lighting, integrated chassis, hydraulic suspension, front weight transfer axle (most models), hydraulic suspension, brakes, steerable axles (most models) and much more.
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Maximize Your Time & Effort
The 10 Series Fatboy RT Line-up is based on making the best use of your valuable time.   Now you can utilize your high-capacity tractor to its full potential!    BIG PAYLOADS
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3 Fatboy RT Models to match your operation
26' Tandem Axle - 30' Tridem Axle - 36' Quad Axle Versions allow you to match your capacity needs to the size tractors you operate!  
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An Easy Target!
An interior width of 9'7" makes for an easy target, and the capacity is unprecidented in the silage world.  Coupled with a high-speed suspension axle system, it's time to get some work done!
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Safe Alternative to Hydraulic Dump
One Big Advantage to live-floor unloading is the safety factor.   Stability in the field and in the bunk when unloading!
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Integrated Chassis Frame
Meyer Fatboy RT Models features massive, integrated tubular frame rails for maximum strength and flexibity.  Axle pod weldments accomodate 2, 3 or 4 axles depending on the Fatboy length you select.
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Steerable Axle System
Available configurations include:
26' Tandem - Rigid/Rigid (no steering) or Rigid/Steer (rear steering)
30' Tridem - Rigid/Rigid/Steer (rear only steering) or Steer/Rigid/Steer (front & rear steering)
36' Quad - Steer/RIgid/Rigid/Steer (front & rear steering)

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Front Weight Transfer Axle / Adjustable Ride Height
Fatboys feature a front weight transfer axle on 3 and 4 axle models.  This allows the ability to add drawbar weight when the going gets tough.  Also, ride height is adjustable. 
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Dual, High Capacity Web System
This High Capacity Web features geardrive and a tall slat profile for crazy fast discharge rates!
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RT Dual Hydraulic Geardrive
Dual Hydraulic Motors & Gearboxes eliminate roller chain maintenance and provide fast unloading and years of reliable service.  Our unique system utilizes 2 hydraulic outlets on our tractor for max flow and apron speed!
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Hydraulic High-Lift Door
This hydraulic high-lift door opens automatically and offers fast, unrestricted unloading.
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Hydraulic Fold-Front Extension
This 29" fold-front extension is standard equipment and allows better access for tail-chopping.
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Clad-Tuff Fiberglass Side Panels & Solid Poly Floor
A Solid Poly Floor System reduces drive system strain and unload time.    Fiberglass side panels look great and provide fast clean-up!
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Radial Floatation
Choose from:  710/50x26.5 Radial or 800/45x26.5 Radial
Combined with our hyraulic suspension system, the Fatboy RT provides a great ride & maximum floatation!
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Fender / Flap Packages
Fender & flap packages are standard equipment.
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Steering Lock System
This advanced steering design is easy to operate, it features self-steer when traveling forward and a hydraulic lock feature for backing up or traveling long distances (on models equipped with steering).
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Hydraulic Braking - Stopping Power!
All Axles on Fatboy RT Boxes feature hydraulic braking.   You can choose manually activated (standard) or foot pedal control (optional).  
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Engineered to Impress
You won't be disappointed in the craftsmanship on this high-capacity Fatboy.
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LED Lighting - Dressed for Success
Upper and Lower rear facing turn signals along with side marker & clearance lights are all standard equipment.   Sealed wire harnesses with bullet connectors included!
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All About the Details
Meyer Engineers Listened when they designed the Fatboy RT.   This machine will change the way you look at silage transport.
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Fatboys Dwarf Others
The additional capacity of a Fatboy is undeniable!  
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