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Triple Screw

Triple Screw
Model # F3-1460

The Meyer Formula F3-1460 Triple TMR ranges in size from 1,460 - 1660 cubic feet depending on capacity extension alternative selected.  This triple screw model is available in a front door or quad door version to accomodate for desired feeding scenario.   Both feature a highly refined, solid stainless steel baffle system and overlapping augers for rapid ration transfer front to back along with efficient vertical momentum which eliminates overprocessing and excessive wear to your mixer.   Smart-Powershift Transmission technology, HD tubular chassis frame, suspended axles with rear steering,  8-point weigh bar package, and high-wear AR400 lined augers are all standard!   Multiple discharge options will match your application and a rear commodity door is optional.  Best of all, Mix Quality is second to none.    Meyer manufactures a "Formula" for your success!

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Big Capacity
Meyer Formula Triple Screw Mixers offer the ulimate in durability and capacity.  Made in the USA by a company you can trust!
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Front Discharge Version
Front Discharge Versions offer either dual drive belt conveyor or HD 81X chain conveyor alternatives, both feature hydraulic shift fuctionality.   These conveyors, when centered, offer narrow transport width but when extended, discharge your ration closer to the feed manger.
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Quad Door Versions
Quad Door Versions feature the ultimate in simplicity and unloading speed.   Doors can be plumbed in pairs (RH and LH) or independently if preferred.
Choose between door frame discharge or optional 12" belt chute extension for each door.   Feed deflector drape/flap and door frame magnets available.
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Rear Commodity Door
A Rear Commodity Door is available on all versions of the F3-1460.  Make premix discharging or commodity bay filling a snap.
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Heavy Duty Construction
The mixing vessel of the F3-1460 features 3/8" Thick Sidewalls and 1" Thick Floor.  
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High Wear Baffle System
Solid 3/8" Stainless Steel Baffles are standard equipment.   These contoured baffles not only last, they maximize feed movement between bays.  This provides faster mixing and discharge load after load.
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High Wear Components
Formula F3-1460 models feature AR400 lined augers standard equipment.   They also offer a 54" stainless side liner option package.   Solid 3/8" stainless baffles are standard.
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Dual Kicker Arms
Each auger features dual, replaceable, solid kicker arms for faster mix performance and smooth discharging.  These augers overlap for exceptional mix performance and cleanout capability.
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Replaceable, Adjustable Auger Scraper
High Capacity Scrapers on the lead edge of each auger quickly propel your ration vertically to create a volcanic mixing action.  This scraper assembly can be easily adjusted or replaced to maintain ultimate performance.
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Knife Packages
Choose from our standard double knives or optional triple knives to match your desired processing.   (7 per screw - standard)  
This simple 3 or 4 piece system offers maximium adjustability (3 position) and performance with reduced replacment costs.
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Auger Kicker Magnet
This High Performing Magnet installs on any or all of your auger kicker arms.  This thing just plain works!  We recommend installing on augers located at convenient discharge locations for easy cleaning.
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Smart Power-Shift Technology - Wireless
This simple 2-Speed Powershift System offers low torque start-ups and high-speed cleanout!   This transmission always starts in low range and features an automatic downshift feature when tractor RPM's drop below a preset shiftpoint, it's foolproof!   It also includes cooling and filtration.
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Torque Disconnect Clutch
This Durable Torque Disconnect Clutch is standard equipment.   It protects your drive system from unexpected torque spikes while offering a convenitent alternative to annoying shear bolt designs.
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Planetary Oil Cooling
Meyer F3-1460 mixers offer an optional Planetary Cooling Package.   This system feature independent planetary cooling and filtration for the ulimate in protection.
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Massive Frame
The Formula F3-1460 features a Massive Tubular Frame and 8-Point Scale Package.  This unique weigh bar mount system offers convenient maintenance and maximum durability!
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Tandem Spring Ride Axles
Spring Ride Tandem with Rear Axle Steering is standard equipment.   
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Rear Axle Steering
This Rear Axle Steer System extends the life of your tires, wheel bearings, axles and other components while making life easier on your infrasture and concrete around the farm.   4-wheel braking and hydraulic steer-axle lock feature are included.
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Dual Wheel Arrangement
Optimized load carrying capability with dual 315/80Rx22.5 tires.  Tire life is dramatically extended with the F3-1460 rear steer axle.
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Poly-Lined Door Tracks
Our Poly-Lined Door Tracks provide less resistence and wear in the door track area.   They also provide quickly replaceable wear surface long term.
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Adjustable Hay Stops
Formula Mixers feature a front & rear Hay Stops to adjust feed flow and maximize processing in long stemmed components.
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Front Viewing Platform
This Deluxe Front Viewing Platform is included on front door & quad door models.   
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Belt Capacity Extension Option
No Extension:  1,460 cu ft
8" Belt Ext:  1,570 cu ft
12" Belt Ext:  1,660 cu ft

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Scale Indicator / Remote Indicator Options
Meyer offers a wide array of Scale Indicators and Remote Indicators for your new mixer.   Choose from wired or wireless remote arrangements.
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Articulating Ag Hitch
This Articulating Ag Hitch is the standard arragement on the F3-1460.  It pivots to match implement angle and eliminates hitch slap when in cleanout gear!  It is convertible for 1.5" or 2" hammerstrap hitch pins.  
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