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Crop Pro Precision Spreaders

Crop Pro Precision Spreaders
Model # 9624 / 9630

The Meyer 9600 Crop Pro Spreader line provides uprecidented spread quality.   Litter, lime, compost or manure products are no match for the FPX1 combination attachment.   Standard features include:  HD steel construction, solid poly floor, variable speed triple apron system, guillotine gate, suspended axles and big floatation!
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9624 & 9630 Pull Type Crop Pro
The 9600 Crop Pro capacities range from 925 - 1,180 cu ft heaped.
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Quality Performance
Maximize the value of your manure, litter, lime or compost with a Meyer Crop Pro!
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Heavy Gauge Steel Body
The Crop Pro features a robust body & frame design, when mated with our tubular chassis and suspended axle system, you can be assured of years of service!
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Triple Apron Design
This Triple Apron System features short slats that are much less likely to bow or bend compared to others long versions.   In addition, with 6 strands of chain, there is an impressive 180,000# of combined tensile strength to pull the load!   An added benefit is reduced slat surge in your spread pattern.
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Hydraulic Geardrive
Hydraulic Geardrive Technology powers the main apron drive shaft, not roller chain reduction like most spreaders.  Accurate application rates and simple maintence are the benefits.
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Solid Poly Floor
This solid, virgin poly floor reduces drag and increases unloading speed all while making life easier on your spreader drive system.   This floor is also supported by a intense, steel support system to handle heavy loads!
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Cab-Control Apron Drive - Variable Speed
The 9600 Crop Pro comes standard with this handy cab-control box for simple operation of the variable speed apron and reversing feature.
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FPX1 Combination Attachment
This FPX1 Spreading Attachment combined with a guillotine tailgate meter material to the ground with amazing accuracy.  Low rates - no problem!
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Guillotine Door System
A massive, reinforced guillotine door helps control material flow and avalanching assuring low rate accuracy.
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Tailgate Indicator Feature
This mechanical tailgate indicator allows quick, convenient awareness of tailgate position.
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Hydraulic-Lifting Service Gate
This hydraulic-lift service door is standard on the FPX1 Attachement.    It offers quick access to cross beaters for service & cleaning.
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Trip Door
This spring-loaded trip door at the lower portion of the spreading enclosure protects the FPX1 Discharge Attachment by allowing some forgiveness for foreign objects and certain frozen material.
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Axle Slider System
The 9624 Model features an HSTS30 tandem trailer with a slider axle system.   The tandems can be quickly reloaded front to rear to optimize drawbar weight and traction!
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9630 Triple Axle Model
The 9630 Model features a SSTS48 Tridem (3 axle) trailer with HD spring suspension and front & rear steer axles.
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Big Floatation!
Choose from 2 radial tire options for big-time floatation qualities!  
710/50x26.5 or 800/45x26.5
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36" High Capacity Extension Set
This high capacity side extension package is commonly utilized for bulkier products like silage and poultry litter.   It is heavy duty and quickly bolts on.   It can be utilized with the guillotine door or can accomodate the addition of a top pivot silage door.
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Variable Rate Scale Technology
Meyer Crop Pro offers a simple scale package or this complete Top Con Athene Varialble Rate Package.   It is an ISOBUS based system which provides precision application of your product, mapping too!
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